What is the meaning of each tracking status update?


    1.How to track order?
    You can track your order through the website of a local shipping company or through http://global.cainiao.com/index.htm.

    2. Why did nothing update after the order status changed to Arrival at Destination?
    Generally, it is because the status and information have not yet been updated by the destination country. We suggest that the recipient(s) consult their local post office for more information. 

    3.Why does it show that my package is Held by Customs / Held by Destination?
    At certain stages in the customs clearance process, your package might be held by customs. If this occurs, the recipient(s) should contact customs to resolve the issue. If your package cannot pass through customs clearance, the recipient should acquire official documents from the customs department. 

    4.Are there any other expressions of Waiting for Picking-up?
      When your package is waiting for pick-up, the recipient(s) should contact their local post office and then pick up the package. Depending on your pick-up/delivery arrangement, you may receive any one (or a slight variation) of the following messages:

    • Awaiting Collection 
    • A delivery attempt was made 
    • Attempted to contact by telephone to arrange for delivery 
    • Attempted to contact by telephone to arrange for delivery to the address 
    • Waiting for withdrawal 
    • First notification to recipient 
    • Notified  
    • A reminder has been sent to the recipient 

    5.Why does the tracking status show delivered when I have not received the package?
    The tracking status shows delivered. Please visit your shipping provider's website, enter your tracking information and contact their customer service team for additional information. It is also recommended that you check with your family members or neighbors to see if they signed for the package in your name. If you still have not received the package, please contact the shipping company and request official documents for your missing package.

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