How do I get coupons or discounts?

    You can get coupons and discounts in many different ways:
    1.  On the product page
    Go to Store Promotion
    In the orange section you can see the discount the seller offers. During checkout, this discount gets automatically deducted from the order total. 

    Next to the seller discount, you can find select coupons and seller coupons (in the red section). Click on the coupon to get it and remember to use it when you place your order.

    2.  In your Cart
    You can get select coupons and seller coupons in your cart

    3.  On sale pages
    During large sales, such as our Anniversary Sale and 11.11, you will find different activities or games to win coupons and coins (which can be exchanged to coupons). You can visit our site or app to check the pages or follow AliExpress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and VK to get updates about upcoming and ongoing activities.

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